Also known as Clamp bracket/rail bracket

Where possible we always recommend to replace with the original holder for your shower or rail kit, if still available. This is to ensure a perfect fit onto the rail bar itself, and a snug fitting where the end of the hose sits into the holder. 

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A shower rail kit is designed as a whole product, so the shower hose can often be identified as a spare part of that particular rail kit product/range. 

Some manufacturers, such as Mira, have varied the design for their hoses between wide and narrow tapered ends. This can vary slightly between hoses generally and highlights the importance of choosing a holder which is part of the same kit as the hose. This would also be true when selecting a hose. 

Following this will ensure that the shower head is securely held in place whilst showering, avoiding any damage to the holder caused by the fitting being too tight.

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Of course though, this isn't always possible..

Perhaps the original is discontinued with no replacement, or you have a non branded generic shower?

The first step is to measure the diameter of the rail you need the holder to fit onto. This is best done with callipers but you can use a tape measure if needed.

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Need a generic holder? We have a range of push on 'universal' holders such as the Croydex 18-25mm push on universal shower head holder - chrome (AM710141)

Does your rail kit need replacing? 

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